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#Blog Biz5

Here are some useful life tips I learned in business. Without a formal training in the discipline, most of what I know was picked up whilst volunteering at Hillsong and in the Community. I am founder of a social enterprise that creates innovative solutions for teaching young People and families Maths and money skills in

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Our mission

bMoneywize provides an innovative educational solution to teaching young people Financial literacy skills in an increasingly “Cashless Society.” bMoneywize (the personal finance toolkit) has been gaining increasing attention as a fresh solution to the problem of teaching children money and maths skills, while engaging parents in the learning. It is hailed by the ITV as

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bMoneywize mums at Chambers LBBD

In partnership with the popular All Women’s Network in a meet up event at the Chambers of the Town Hall of Barking and Dagenham, mums took centre stage to play the bMoneywize Game. It turned out to be a time of changing mindsets and sharing, exchanging of ideas about money. There was so much praise

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