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Ayo Opara

BBC tops it: 5 tips for managing debt 

What a week this has been! One day I was waking up to a letter of recommendation for the bmoneywize maths game that was being used in a primary school for year 5 and 6 pupils. The Deputy headteacher wrote about the improvement in the attitude to maths for the children. That just made my

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Teens play money game

Daily Mail mentions bMoneywize

Its exciting times when Daily Mail mentions bMoneywize and the benefits of teaching children finance skills when they are younger: “Doctor Arinola Araba, who created a game called bMoneywize designed to teach children about managing finances, believes both home and school have a role to play. He says: ‘They need to work together. But it

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money game at launch with kids - financial literacy

FREE Personal Finance workshops

Following the published FT article below, bMoney Wize is pleased to offer 5 FREE* finance toolkit demonstrations to local schools – FT article   bMoneywize exits to provide tools to increase children and young adults’ financial literacy and maths skills! You may know of bMoneywize– personal finance tool kit featured in the Annual Personal Finance

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