How are your children learning about money?

Your children can learn about money in simple everyday language with the bMoneywize game.

Community workshops

Financial literacy workshops for young people are a fun affair

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Youth workshops

Family based workshops for fun money conversation.

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School workshops

Primary school workshops introduce children to the world of how money works!

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bMoneywize mums at Chambers LBBD

In partnership with the popular All Women’s Network in a meet up event at the Chambers of the Town Hall of Barking and Dagenham, mums took centre stage to play the bMoneywize Game. It turned out to be a time of changing mindsets and sharing, exchanging of ideas about money. There was so much praise

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Money Workshop

Mind Your Money Workshop is a joint event with All Women’s Network, Barking and Dagenham and other parents. It is a great opportunity for mums, dads and carers to play and enjoy interactive discussions about money! They will be playing the bMoneywize Game too. Date: April 24th Time: 10am to 1pm Where: The Chambers, Barking

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FREE bMoneywize Games!

Through their sheer generosity, Moneywise is giving away FREE bMoneywize Games – Personal Finance Toolkits and lots of prizes to finance teachers. Free @bMoneywize game with @moneywiseonline and visit from F&C Investment Trust bus for all teachers who enter our Personal Finance Teacher of the Year competition. Plus £12,500 of cash prizes for schools up

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