How are your children learning about money?

Your children can learn about money in simple everyday language with the bMoneywize game.

Community workshops

Financial literacy workshops for young people are a fun affair

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Youth workshops

Family based workshops for fun money conversation.

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School workshops

Primary school workshops introduce children to the world of how money works!

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financial education at Halifax bank

2 day Flash Sale -bMoneywize game

We are a financial literacy and numeracy education company. As part of the bMoneywize on Tour programme, we are running personal finance toolkit demonstration stints for the community in local banks. Santander, Lakeside Essex,  is our next port of call this week. bMoneywize game kit is in offer at 20% off its usual price. Get it

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home workshops - financial education

Reimagine Education posts…

The Penny drops! We are a financial literacy and numeracy education company. Maths skills are fast becoming essential in today’s digital age! In fact, key leaders are searching for new ways to bring maths alive – the reason why bMoney Wize exists! “Good numeracy is the best protection against unemployment, low wages and poor health” says

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Reimagine Education awards logo

Reimagine Education features bMoneywize

Reimagine asks the question: “what does the future of eductaion look like?” See what sponsors, judges and other experts in the field for the same awards have to say about the need for a physical connection in addition to the educational technology. We are thrilled to be featured in the promo video for the Reimagine

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