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It’s really expensive to live in London!

Let’s talk about the housing crisis and the burden to start your independence as a young person. Last time we discussed the impact money can have on your mental health, this time we’ll discuss the realities of trying to get out of your parental home in London. Housing crisis: As we all know, the price

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Peer pressure causes two thirds of Brits to overspend – Your Money

Close to two thirds of Brits spend money or lead a certain lifestyle because of social pressure, even though this acts a barrier to financial security, research has shown. — Read on www.yourmoney.com/saving-banking/peer-pressure-causes-two-thirds-of-brits-to-overspend/ The huge costs of wanting to please… #education #financialliteracy #financialeducation #maths #STEM #skills @YourMoneyAdvice @FinCapStrategy #talkmoney #bank #savings #cash #brexit @bmoneywize