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Youngsters learn essential skills to safeguard their financial future – The Irish News

FROM the age of seven children have already formed money habits and by 15 their financial conscious behaviours are being set, according to research by Cambridge University. — Read on www.irishnews.com/news/educationnews/2018/10/31/news/youngsters-learn-essential-skills-to-safeguard-their-financial-future-1472842/ Catching them whilst young…

Vulnerable young people offered financial education cut their debts by 60% – while their peers see borrowing rise by 50% | Moneywise

Investing in the financial education of vulnerable young people has a dramatic effect on their financial wellbeing, new research has found.Every £1 spent on financial education for vulnerable young people created £5.57 in social value, which grew as time went on, the research by economic research consultancy ERS on behalf of the Money Advice Service

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