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financial education courses

We are pleased to introduce our intern to you. This opportunity was made possible by Queen Mary University of London, @ELBA, Jonathan Tait, @Drapers, Santander UK – thank you so much for giving more young people a good start! Thank you so much Emma Taylor Aminul Hoque for making it happen.

Abdullah Shoaib Sheikh – Bmoneywize Marketing and Social media intern.
“Good morning all! Just wanted to say a welcoming greeting as Bmoneywize’s newest intern! And what better than to kick of the morning with a warm welcome to let you know to start your day managing your finances haha. I come from a ethnic minority background however, I am a very curious individual and driven to make change therefore by interning at Bmoneywize, I am actioning to get education regarding numerical and financial literacy taught nationwide to our youth. This is because it really does go to closed ears at the moment the importance of managing money and by taking a few steps and minor steps at the initial stage of a person’s life , a person can hone in the skills required to maintain a financially stable and good quality of life and thus I want to champion helping as many children as I can be set for their lives ahead…

@Abdullah Sheikh #financialeducation #financialliteracy #money

money education in schools financial education courses
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