BBC tops it: 5 tips for managing debt 

We are a financial literacy and numeracy education company.

What a week this has been!

One day I was waking up to a letter of recommendation for the bmoneywize maths game that was being used in a primary school for year 5 and 6 pupils. The Deputy headteacher wrote about the improvement in the attitude to maths for the children.
That just made my day and makes this “Financial literacy for kids” project worthwhile.

Ahead of the annually celebration of Black History Month, I was asked to sit on the planning team, to help manage and deliver some of the borough-wide events to celebrate and showcase achievements of people from black origins. Sometimes I wonder who can be classed as black since I have never really met anyone with ‘black skin’. The darker pigment, gracing our colourful complexion is called melanin and I do not for one think that accounts for the differences in the way we appreciate food, rhythm, music and language; as some are a function of the environment one has grown up in. Hence famous old discussion around role of nature or nurture in an individual’s development.

On another note, through sponsorship from a company called MosMojo, we were able to secure an old BBC documentary about Black Britain. As I write we are negotiating a screening at the exquisite Broadway theatre in Barking, Greater London.

Here is a trailer:

Again, not only did I come across an incredible opportunity to partner with another organisation wanting to deliver Financial literacy for their beneficiaries, I was approached by the BBC for an interview on some tips for changing a detrimental money situation.
I have to admit here that I’m no expert in finance matters but I have learned some ‘hard’ lessons from my own highly motivating debt situation.
The programme producer was won over by my compelling suggestions for action, it is scripted as:
Hi! My name is Arinola Araba

I am the founder of bMoneyWize.

I have 5 tips to share with you to get you out of debt.

Number 1 – GET HELP!

Contact Citizens Advice Bureau, Stepchange, Christians against Poverty, Genistar and speak to a trusted friend.

So don’t do it on your own and don’t suffer in silence.


Make a list – you need to know what’s coming in and what’s going out.

So you need to know areas where you can reduce your expenses and you need to think of ways to increase your income.

Number 3 – Declare war on debt.

Talk to your creditors, make an arrangement with them, pay in instalments to get the debt paid off. And pay the small ones first.

Number 4 – Turn your TRASH to CASH.

Find something in your house that you don’t use anymore that you can sell for money. GO AND USE EBAY! (laughter)

And the last thing – VERY important – invest in yourself.

Do some volunteering. You’ll be AMAZED what that does for your life.
Amazingly, it has been a week of celebrating two birthdays in the family, my sister’s and mine. The former was a surprise dinner event and the latter was linked into a women’s breakfast event.

I was so lost for words as these lovely women, set up the restaurant, greeted, laughed and cheered, singed and exchanged gifts.
Through the kind donation of the Canary Wharf group, 20 quick-to- respond schools in the Barking and Dagenham area will get 100 Maths games FREE!
And the week has only just begun….

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