bMoneywize in the Sunday Times

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On the subject of the need financial education in schools, the Money Editor for the Sunday Times shares his own experience with Maths as a subject. He gives the readers a maths question to calculate.

This question was shared with my close friends and generated a big discussion as to what the answer should be. Why not take a look  at the article here:

Sunday Times

In the meantime, here is an excerpt from the mention:’On a lighter note, an educational game called bMoneywize aims to introduce children and their parents to complex concepts in a simple way. Its inventor, Arinola Araba, said the idea for the project had hit her when she was out of work and her teenage daughter would bring friends home from school to cook them jollof rice, an African delicacy. Their conversation made it obvious they knew little about money: “Clearly I had to do something that would answer the question: how can we teach children to manage money in a fun and interactive way?”

Were you able to work out the sums?

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