June 6, 2017


Promoting Financial Literacy

We are so excited to be featured in the Reimagine Education promo video: http://bit.ly/2qkOKUl

We have received more reviews and testimonials about the board game in the meantime.  Very crucial to our growth has been the support provided by the  Dentons law firm as we negotiate terms for international interest in board game licences.

Our newest initiative – banking on money skills,’ is where we set up game playing stalls in banking customer areas to give families a go at the bMoneywize game. It starts with the Halifax bank this week and Santander is next.


Community financial education workshop

Workshop in the community

We also run workshops in community and faith groups, libraries and other public places.


financial education session

financial education session with youth leaders

I was honoured at the exciting opportunity to do a radio interview on the Business News of the Time 107.5FM station.

Library / Community workshops

One Firm One Day” is an initiative of the Price Water House Coopers accounting firm, who have chosen to send some of their staff to run employability and interview skill workshops for our local job seekers.

Visit our Facebook page to see the photos and videos of varied groups we have held workshops with, the many debates and discussions within community and school sessions playing bMoneywize.

Origins of 'Bmoneywize'

We had gained some local success with previous community projects in Barking and Dagenham, Essex, UK with the talent showcase ‘Cultural Event’ in 2011, and Miss BD – a community search to crown a young role model in 2012, so it was easier to attract young people to a new initiative. 

August 8th, 2013 was the date I made a decision to do something about teaching my daughter and friends about money matters.  Our home was a safe place to Ayo and her somewhat 10 friends after school but also a forum to showcase her cooking skills; which in this case was making ‘Jollof Rice’ (an African dish where rice is boiled and fried with tomato sauce).


financial education in the community

financial education in the community


The practice went on for longer than I was comfortable with before I asked her to invite her friends to a lunching meeting in a local community room.

They turned up, along with other teenagers from Seun’s project (Seun of Silent Secret was another social entrepreneur who worked with young people) and we filled the room with 22 children who did not know what to expect.

Teen Mentors present money game

Teen Mentors present money game

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