E-learning for educators.

As the requirements to ensure a mentally fit population increase, we launch an online learning system, to encourage self testing and identifying training needs.

We now have the following goodies tucked into your website

72 eLearning titles, including 11 disability awareness courses, 24 social care titles and 12 wellbeing titles 2 of which are specifically designed for children.

The Wellbeing ecosystem for schools can now offer children, parents and teachers a package of courses and other info to help develop greater resilience and personal wellbeing – additional physical activity and money management titles are planned for 2019.

Take a look at: https://bmoneywize.co.uk/elearning.html

Our LMS is not just extremely informative, it’s also very easy to use. Learners find their courses and start learning in a flash – good news, because being unable to find the right course is a common problem for learners using less friendly systems.

It also offers managers a really easy to use tool for tracking and distributing staff training -24/7 and where ever their people are located, so no one ever needs to miss a course.

E learning is on the increase – millennials are known to expect ongoing training in the workforce, eLearning provides a cost-effective solution to lots of people needing lots of bite sized modules, it keeps people busy during downtime and well informed all the time.

It’s also a very sustainable training model – modules can be used repeatedly, at the right time, in the right place and at the right pace for individual learners – without using paper, ink, a train, plane or automobile!

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