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Following the published FT article below, bMoney Wize is pleased to offer 5 FREE* finance toolkit demonstrations to local schools – FT article


bMoneywize exits to provide tools to increase children and young adults’ financial literacy and maths skills! You may know of bMoneywize– personal finance tool kit featured in the Annual Personal Finance Competition 2017, sponsored by Old Mutual Wealth and Moneywise.


Designed with input from local children, aimed at children aged 10 to 17 years, it has gained National and International recognition at the as Best New British product and a Reimagine Education innovation in the USA. BMoneywize, also a board game, designed to be engaging to both adults and kids. It introduces complex financial literacy and maths in a simpler way to make it accessible to the kids, while being a gentle reminder to adults. If I told you that you could learn while having fun, wouldn’t you jump at the chance?

It presents the players with an enjoyable yet education experience, making it a must have in schools and in homes everywhere. A dialogue can be created with the younger generation in how to be financially secure, the concept of saving and how to avoid the pitfalls of easy credit. The toolkit breaks down the consequences of the decisions to spend frivolously in a way that is easy to understand and how this can be prevented. The scenarios that are explained are every-day and mostly commonplace. They were carefully picked to depict the lifestyle of the average person, and while humorous are also very relatable.

It is our hope that bMoneywize is installed in schools across the nation, as it teaches vital life skills and the importance of teaching our children how to budget, save and spend efficiently-a hot button topic, and this toolkit is the answer.

Please see testimonials and comments from toolkit users:

From parents:  here

From children: here

From a parent: here

“It’s a personal finance toolkit, in normal speak that kids can understand its brilliant. I like the fact you set goal and it creates discussion about money, and makes people think ” Vee (Old Mutual Wealth, Director)

The toolkit is currently available to purchase on Amazon at £24.99

*We can offer 5 FREE school, 45 minute demonstrations; more sessions are subject to a purchase of 10 minimum finance toolkits, ends July 19th, 2017.

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