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We are a financial literacy and numeracy education company.

Its been a few busy weeks!

So much has been happening as we prepare ahead of the Global Awards conference in the USA.

We are pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted in the ‘Student- Led innovation’ category for the global awards in recognition of new ways students learn. As you may know, we are credited with creating fun, intuitive, engaging ways to teach personal finance skills to children.

Prior to this, with increasing coverage from the media, BBC Money has featured Arinola’s 5 tips to get out of debt on their social media channel. See more here.

Much more exciting is an upcoming collaborative project with the Barking and Dagenham on the release of a digital version of the bmoneywize finance toolkit!

“Indeed BDC is excited and interested in the collaboration with bMoneywize and consequently this exposure in an international magazine. Below is what we would like to see written about the collaboration.

It is the aim of BDC College to make the content of the courses delivered (Teaching) and Assessment for Learning close to industry expectation to enrich the student experience. In this regard, the Department of Information Technology (iTech @ BDC) is collaborating with bMoneywize to develop a computerised version of their game. The game is designed by kids for kids to help improve their Maths Skills and Personal Finance Management. It is a board game that is:

“Youth inspired, bMoneywize is a fun and engaging game that is also educational. It introduces the complex concepts of financial literacy to kids in a way that is simple and opens up a dialogue between them and their parents about money. It can be played at home as a family game and in schools, as it encourages maths skills while teaching valuable life lessons. The game breaks down the consequences of the decisions to spend frivolously in a way that is easy to understand and how this can be prevented. The scenarios that are explained are every-day and mostly commonplace. They were carefully picked to depict the lifestyle of the average person, and while humourous are also very relatable.”

Mr. Charlie Madigan, a Level 4 student pursuing  HNC in Computing is currently the lead programmer for the project under the tutelage of Mr. Henry Quarshie, the Program Leader for HE Computing at BDC. The first version of the computerised bMoneywize game is scheduled to be delivered in December 2017. Contact details:

Barking College project team
Barking College project team


Arinola and project team: Charles and Henry (BDC)

digital bmoneywize
e-bmoneywize, start-up screen

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