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Mum creates ‘money wise’ game that aims to boost kids’ financial awareness through play

A mum has created a board game that aims to increase financial awareness in children.

The bMoneywize game hopes to improve maths skills in young people by teaching them about money management and how to plan ahead for financial security through play.

Mum of one and GoodtoKnow tester Jane Kemp says she considers financial education ‘very’ important for her 16-year-old daughter, and she’d love to see the bMoneywize game rolled out in schools: ‘I think the idea of budgeting and separating your money under different headings is a good way to start this sort of teaching’, she says.

Schools trialling the game have already reported an increase in parent involvement, with many commenting on how crucial they deem financial awareness for their children and beneficial playing the game at home can be. More:

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