Happy Christmas

This is an exciting opportunity to say thank you so much for staying with us this far.

This year we have had a few events to celebrate:

  • pre launch of a digital bMoneywize game

  • access to the PM and a promise to “look into” the offering of Financial education in schools

  • partnerships with other organisations to enhance the delivery of our services

  • an opportunity to grow the bMoneywize concept with support from one of the big accounting firms – EY (most exciting move as we move into the new decade, 2020s)

To our

  • sponsors

  • supporters

  • volunteers

  • advisers

  • customers

  • game manufacturers

Our new look board game

We are taking pre orders for the newly designed game here:

Thank you for staying peeled for more updates, and from us to yours, have a blessed time at Christmas. And very best of prosperity for 2020!

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