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So, I’m sure by now you have all heard that BoJo has some big plans for the UK and according to the polls on Thursday, is currently beating Jeremy Hunt for prime minister, while ragging on Jeremy Corbyn.

If you don’t know who BoJo is, he’s a conservative MP and former London Mayor. Earlier this year, BoJo refused to answer the press’ questions about a scandal he was involved in for hours, but came out to offer them tea. This is just one of the examples of his depictions in the media… I think it’s fair to say BoJo’s public perception is not good. Some say he can’t be trusted with the British budget and then there’s that infamous messy blonde hair… There’s a rather scathing article in the Independent that makes an impassioned point, read it here.

We all remember the infamous red Brexit campaign buses that toured London a few years ago in preparation for the referendum. The bus claimed that if we left the EU, we would free up about £3.5million to spend on the NHS. Though; promptly after the referendum, this was quickly dismissed, leaving us all confused.

Even if we have all left it alone, a brave man named Marcus Ball decided to sue BoJo over the NHS fund claims. Though the case was dismissed Mr Ball has stated he will appeal the decision if advised to do so. Read more here.

One of BoJo’s new campaign promises is a reversal of the infamous sugar tax. It is claimed that the tax targets and disadvantages the “less well off”. This is an interesting argument and actually not without merit. There is some truth to the fact that those with less disposable income can’t always afford to buy healthy food. Think about it; specifically in terms of fast food and snacks. If you were to buy some healthier snacks like hummus, pitta bread or nuts, the difference in cost is very noticeable. Read more here.

Will BoJo’s policies be good for our economic health? Get in touch and tell us what you think!

money education in schools financial education courses
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