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My daughter once said to me, “mum I think ? you should take your own advice…” Ring a bell? ?

Well, I wanted to share 10 ways to spend insensibly at #christmas! And lists some of the excuses we make. Written by the lovely, Grace Kinuthia

10 ways to ensure you go broke after Christmas!

  1. Uneven spending.
    a. Your account can handle unplanned spending, I’m sure. I need to think and spend evenly on different people but that takes some calculating and Christmas is almost over so I’ll definitely be fine!
  2. Not planning gifts for different people.
    a. Christmas shopping for the family is awesome, so I’m positive my friends would love it also; I just think I’ll improvise as I go along because I definitely need to get everyone something new.
  3. Not researching or looking for savings.
    a. I haven’t looked online or in store for upcoming deals yet but if I go looking two days before I’m certain I’ll find a great offer; Including foods.
  4. Not budgeting or planning.
    a. Payday was last week so I don’t need to fuss, I’m entirely it’ll last enough until January. I’ll just have to live on my spare change until then.
  5. Not Analysing your personal financial situation honestly.
    a. Honesty is the best policy but it’s also draining and not as exciting if I have to cut costs.
  6. Not banning unnecessary presents.
    a. I know my siblings would like some new games or even a new phone. I need some new games too or some expensive art from my favourite artist, it may take a while to be delivered but that’s why the delivery cost is always a bit too much.
  7. Not booking travels in advance.
    a. Train tickets need to be bought some weeks in advance because travel restrictions apply from the 23rd Dec onwards, through and outside London.
  8. Not making a list and using savings to avoid credit card debt.
    a. I can pay it back later and maybe ask for help with costs? It’s my account but I’m perhaps someone is willing to help. Otherwise, why did I buy everyone presents?
  9. Not checking if you really need it?
    a. Of course, you do! I know your wardrobe needs more coats and this new winter season needs a festive shoe collection. I’m sure it’ll add up later, I’ll be fine because I look good.
  10. Thinking many nights out will be “relieving.”
    a. I may have nothing left but my credit card will cover me, I need this night out. I’m low on finance so I’ll avoid major food shopping for myself and get some drinks and have a good time.

Let me know what you think in the comments below…?

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