It’s who you know! #blog

I constantly marvel
At how the world spins
And ideas unravel
Depicting how we think

It seems a little while ago
We were encouraged to grow
Our accolades and degrees
To obtain salary increases
But now I see, an incredible turn
And change in the long run

It’s ALL about people
The ones we meet
And the little things we do
For those we connect with

It seems gone are the days
Of collecting in haste
Papers that say
We have what it takes!

Or maybe it’s just a case
Of making both work a trace
Combining the works
With the experience

Whichever way it rolls
I’m still in the learning row
And picking up nuggets of life
That help avoid strife

This week saw a true friend
Become the choice at best
As Mayor of our borough
Set to change the course
Of the east and London

Women have a role
To play here and away
And given the opportunity
People can easily see
That policies hostile, it’s unreal
Can get a second review
Cos where it’s so hard to see
That people are suffering
A change of hands
May be the thing
To expose reality.

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