Merry Christmas

It’s been a most magical year! Thank you to all the people who have made it happen for bMoneywize in 2018. We are making Financial education a very much talked about subject.

It’s been a most amazing year for bMoney Wize Ltd, the board and community and there are so many people to thank!

Thank you to Madam Mayor Sanchia for being so supportive, Hannah Kupoluyi, Wumi for putting me forward,

To ITV News for the bMoneywize interview

To Barking & Dagenham College Henry Quarshie & Charlie, Chris Naylor for helping me see better, Mark, Sade for supporting, Zoinul and Gedviliene for going beyond the call of duty… also Vince,

To Moira, Helen, Devin for media

features, Síle, @Hannah of @St James Wealth for sponsorship, @BITC, Ben and Alexander for going the extra mile! Carol, Robert, Alison for making room, James Bullen for access to @Reactor resources, Department for Education’s panel colleagues for fun times – (Patricia, @Charlotte Eales), Sylvia & Sally at Salesforce, Chelsea Football Club @edgeofthebox with Phil, Obiajulu, Vivienne at @Newable

To Dentons for legal support with Bernadette

To the many awarding organisations who brought us priceless exposure and increasing awareness for the need to financially educate children and more…

Let’s help more children acquire knowledge, confidence and skills to manage money!

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To the best and a wider impact in 2019

God bless you all.

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