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We are a financial literacy and numeracy education company.

In partnership with the popular ethnic channel, BEN TV, bMoney Wize Ltd is pleased to offer the money game at a special rate of £19:99, as part of our Back to School campaign. Ends August 31, 2017

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Aims of game:

Bmoneywize is a fun and engaging game that is also educational. It introduces the complex concepts of financial literacy to kids in a way that is simple and opens up a dialogue between them and their parents about money. It can be played at home as a family game and in schools, as it encourages maths skills while teaching valuable life lessons. The game breaks down the consequences of the decisions to spend frivolously in a way that is easy to understand and how this can be prevented. The scenarios that are explained are every-day and mostly commonplace. They were carefully picked to depict the lifestyle of the average person, and while humourous are also very relatable.

Some testimonials: From Children

“I think it’s like real life, so you understand the way that adults see their lives” – Aged 10

“I like the game because it’s involving money in it – then you, because like it shows you and then your parents that they pay for stuff, and how they take the money away and how you learn to use it properly so you make responsible decisions” – Aged 9

“I think the game has a lot of strategy. It uses a lot of maths and calculations, which I find very amusing. That’s what I like about the game” – Aged 10

“It’s a fun game, it’s very educative. It gets you ready for your adult life. You do lots of different calculations” – Aged 10

What are parents saying:


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Closing date: September 2017

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