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At this point, who hasn’t heard of Monzo? Despite the small window of outage earlier this week, it’s still one of the banging solutions to the cry for digital banking. After getting a fresh round of funding in the US recently, the digital giant is valued at a cool $2 billion.

Monzo is the bank of the people, and here’s why:

  • The user friendliness of the app – it’s so easy to use, the
  • ease of setting new payments and transfering money.
  • The fabulous 24 hour live chat service, where the staff favour the use of emojis and try to be as friendly as possible.
  • There’s a £5 incentive for anyone you bring on board.
  • Arguably, Monzo’s crowning feature is instant breakdown of spending
  • The easy budgeting tool

Remember the days where you’ve recklessly spent money and had to wait 2-3 days to find out where it’s all gone? The second money leaves your account, whether by cash point or making a payment, you’ll get an instant notification.

Personally, this means I am accountable to myself for my spending. But this isn’t the only benefit, you will also be able to instantly tell if someone else is using your card and get in touch with customer service.

Though the current card comes in a really fetching coral colour, there’s a rumour that Monzo Plus customers will have more colour choices…

money education in schools financial education courses
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