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We are a financial literacy and numeracy education company.

On previous visits to Canary Wharf, I had walked past the sign and logo of this multi-award wining and over performing property investment conglomerate in the heart of East London.


I never imagined our paths would cross as it did in Barking and Dagenham. In the markets. They had come for a meeting with the big bosses at ours, to invest in a thriving  multi-cultural community in East London too.

Doing my rounds at all the local banks and seeking support to give away bmoneywize Personal Finance Toolkit, FREE to schools, I spotted our popular, council leader Dareen Rodwell. Should I say famous Darren?  His appointment had ushered in so many changes to this area, not the least of which was promoting the board game. In fact he and his son Joshua were the first ‘guinea pigs’ in his own words, to trial the prototype of the award nominee Personal Finance Toolkit.

Long before it gained national recognition as best new product 2015, global recognition as shortlist for Reimagine education awards, we sat through an afternoon of cards and maths with the communications team for the borough and he won the game, but said this:

“I really enjoyed playing bMoney Wize with my son this afternoon. It aims to alleviate poverty by using fun, engaging, interactive money game workshops to help young people learn how to manage their money.
It’s designed by local children in Key stages 2 and 3 and doubles up as
a financial literacy tool to support numeracy and literacy in school age children. It really taps into the fun that families can have playing educational games together. It made us discuss real life scenarios that we all encounter in our lives.
My youngest son said it was Awesome, interesting and something that all the family can enjoy.
I think we take it for granted that
our children will just naturally understand financial matters but parents and teachers should take a lead in helping young people make sound financial decisions.”

See below.

More is recorded here


Darren and Joshua trial early version of game
Darren thought financial skills were essential then and now he confirms same to the impressed investors from the richer and yet poor Tower Hamlet borough.

I asked after my introduction to the distinguished gentlemen, if they would be happy to invest in Financial education for kids. The boss asked me to take his business card and send him an email explaining how they could help. That was nothing short of a miracle! To walk into a shop and meet these gentlemen was more than a stroke of luck.

Council leader tests prototype game
Council leader tests prototype game
Darren and son play
Darren and son play

My visit to the Canary Wharf group
I was invited back to the offices which I had not noticed in the past and treated to lunch after Howard generously offered to take me photos with the architectural models of Canary Wharf.

“Putting their money where mouth is” they have paid for free games to be produced for distribution to Barking and Dagenham schools.

That deserves a mention, don’t you think?

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