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5 Tips for Surviving The Cost of Living Crisis

When faced with economic instability and increased living expenses, it is crucial to have a strategic approach and make smart choices to maintain financial stability. Having a carefully planned budget can be extremely helpful during difficult times. In this article,...

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How to reduce your weekly spend

Cook with what you have.

Have an idea of what you will eat in advance, and aim for a big weekly shop. Don’t fall into the consumer trap of buying ready-made meals or ready-sliced fruit. It is much healthier and cheaper to cook meals and cut fruit yourself. Leave laziness behind! Freeze anything that might go bad quickly. 

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In preparation for utility bill changes…

Millions of households will see theire energy bills rise to £3,549 a year in October. Should you do a meter reading before the new rate kicks in? — Read on www.thetimes.co.uk/money-mentor/answer/should-i-take-a-meter-reading-now-or-wait-until-30-september/ Will you be...

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We need to give young people financial education somehow

We need to give young people financial education somehow


I am committed to seeing more young people gain essential life skills – the main aim of bMoneywize

Now we need your help?

Would you like to help your #children and #teenagers make sense of #money?
If so, help us run FREE workshops to teach them basic #money #skills they need to thrive in their #financial life and avoid #debt.

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The debt problem? |

The number of 16-24-year-olds contacting the FOS for debt help has risen sharply. We explain how to get your finances back on track. — Read on www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/cardsloans/article-10414359/How-young-adults-debt.html

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Is this going too far?

Should students be taught about cryptocurrency in colleges - London Business News | Londonlovesbusiness.com — Read on londonlovesbusiness.com/should-students-be-taught-about-cryptocurrency-in-colleges/

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How to go broke after Christmas!

My daughter once said to me, “mum I think ? you should take your own advice…” Ring a bell? ? Well, I wanted to share 10 ways to spend insensibly at #christmas! And lists some of the excuses we make. Written by the lovely, Grace Kinuthia 10 ways to ensure you go broke...

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Money and the Mind -any links?

Fintech offers a solution to this; the agility of fintech makes it accessible for many and able to target those who fall into the advice gap. — Read on thefintechtimes.com/claro-money-why-boosting-financial-inclusion-can-improve-mental-health/

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Who should be preparing children for life?

TWO THIRDS OF PARENTS SAY SCHOOLS NOT DOING ENOUGH TO PREPARE YOUNG PEOPLE FOR LIFE EVENTS Lessons on death, sex and personal finances now favoured by... — Read on pressreleases.responsesource.com/news/101977/schools-not-doing-enough-to-prepare-young-people-for-life/

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bMoneywize provides an innovative educational solution to teaching individuals financial, digital and numeracy skills in an increasingly “Cashless Society.”

We aim to become a world leader at equipping a younger generation with timely financial skills to enable them make debt-free choices in an increasingly cashless society!

We provide resources and services in form of interactive educational games and workshops respectively.

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