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Did you have a bmoneywize Christmas?

Did you have a bmoneywize Christmas?

Hello and welcome back to a new decade and era - 2021 We had an amazing board game production run just before Christmas and are eager to hear about your playing experiences! Here’s some feedback from a grandmother called Sheila. 😂

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Merry Christmas

May the blessing of Christmas be with you and yours

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Are women good with money

Where did the trope of women being financially incompetent come from — and what impact does it continue to have on women’s finances? — Read on

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bMoneywize provides an innovative educational solution to teaching young people financial literacy and numeracy skills in an increasingly “Cashless Society.”

We aim to become a world leader at equipping a younger generation with timely financial skills to enable them make debt-free choices in an increasingly cashless society!

We provide resources and services in form of interactive educational games and workshops respectively.

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