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The Rapid Response

The Rapid Response

So many people in abusive marriages are told to remain because things will get better. “That’s what life allotted to you. You chose them, you just have to bear it;” they are told. But in this community, it’s not acceptable!

As I have heard and experienced some of the confusion victims of abuse face, I can empathise with their situation and help them. I now run a weekly book writing club to encourage people to write about their experiences.

No one should have to take abuse or endure it and I hope my work empowers more people to say NO to domestic violence and take action against it.

That’s why I talk about it. It’s easier to empathise when you’ve been through something and not just read about it.

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Did you have a bmoneywize Christmas?

Did you have a bmoneywize Christmas?

Hello and welcome back to a new decade and era - 2021 We had an amazing board game production run just before Christmas and are eager to hear about your playing experiences! Here’s some feedback from a grandmother called Sheila. ?

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Are women good with money

Where did the trope of women being financially incompetent come from — and what impact does it continue to have on women’s finances? — Read on uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/why-women-are-stereotyped-as-being-terrible-with-money-050010160.html

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bMoneywize provides an innovative educational solution to teaching individuals financial, digital and numeracy skills in an increasingly “Cashless Society.”

We aim to become a world leader at equipping a younger generation with timely financial skills to enable them make debt-free choices in an increasingly cashless society!

We provide resources and services in form of interactive educational games and workshops respectively.

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