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bMoneywize provides an innovative educational solution to teaching young people Financial literacy skills in an increasingly “Cashless Society.”

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bMoneywize (the personal finance toolkit) has been gaining increasing attention as a fresh solution to the problem of teaching children money and maths skills, while engaging parents in the learning. It is hailed by the ITV as a solution to the problems caused by the cashless society, because children still need to understand the impact of spending when using electronic payments.

ITV News interview: http://www.itv.com/news/2018-02-16/does-your-child-understand-the-value-of-money-or-has-contactless-killed-it/

The BBC also took an interest in bMoneywize as heard in this broadcast: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09jqbqw

Mysocialgood asked us to write an article and we submitted this piece: http://bit.ly/2pOV9W7

bMoneywize cuts across all ages and is enjoyed by children and adults and encourages family learning and bonding, helping parents to talk about money in a fun way. It has been played in schools, community centres, business buildings and at home!

As suggested by the UK government’s flagship organisation for financial education, the Money Advice Service, bMoneywize presents four steps to save money. It provides opportunities for children to learn about setting savings goals, thinking of creative ways to make money, make savings a habit and track their progress.

bMoneywize has secured the partnership of another organisation – Moneywise, that is donating FREE bMoneywize kits to teachers across the UK in a personal finance teacher competition – https://www.moneywise.co.uk/investing/investing-children/win-12500-prizes-schools-our-2018-personal-finance-teacher-the-year

bMoneywize has also attracted international attention in the USA where it has been shortlisted, twice in a row, for Reimagine Education awards in 2016, 2017.

bmoneywize.co.uk | LinkedIn | facebook | twitter | YouTubeAs reviewed in Daily Mail and Sunday Times.

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