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The Penny drops!

We are a financial literacy and numeracy education company.

Maths skills are fast becoming essential in today’s digital age! In fact, key leaders are searching for new ways to bring maths alive – the reason why bMoney Wize exists!

“Good numeracy is the best protection against unemployment, low wages and poor health” says Andreas Schleicher, Director, OECD.  And in the UK 1 in 3 young adults still need to upgrade their maths skills for which there are useful tools.

Also Best New British Innovation award nominee 2015, our solution is a board game, designed by kids for kids, presenting a fun, engaging and interactive way of learning maths and personal finance in everyday language. We have linked its benefits to the UK school curriculum.

“e-bMoneywize” so far:

We have approached a few colleges and organisations for support with developing an “e-bMoneywize” module and are yet to find the perfect fit. Please make contact if you are interested in this.

Awareness stand at the local Halifax bank          






  Pitching to College IT students     






National Annual Personal Finance Competition

The Old Mutual Wealth company and Moneywise – a financial education company have featured bMoneywize game as FREE giveaway to all UK Primary and Secondary schools that take part the Annual National Personal Finance Teacher Competition 2017. Winners will receive funds for school equipment after decision of the panel of financial experts and @SuellaFernandes MP!,  with interest in finance education.


Promoting Financial Literacy
We are so excited to be featured in the Reimagine Education promo video:

We have received more reviews and testimonials about the board game in the meantime.  Very crucial to our growth has been the support provided by the  Dentons law firm as we negotiate terms for international interest in board game licences.

Our newest initiative – banking on money skills,’ is where we set up game playing stalls in banking customer areas to give families a go at the bMoneywize game. It started with the Halifax bank and Santander is next.

New Picture


I was honoured at the exciting opportunity to do a radio interview on the Business News of the Time 107.5FM station.


Library / Community workshops

One Firm One Day” is an initiative of the Price Water House Coopers accounting firm, who have chosen to send some of their staff to run employability and interview skill workshops for our local job seekers.

Visit our Facebook page to see the photos and videos of varied groups we have held workshops with, the many debates and discussions within community and school sessions playing bMoneywize.



We are still looking to hear from partners who can help us develop an e-solution that embodies the interaction, discussion and fun enjoyed by our players. Fancy a challenge? Please make contact.

My primary passion and energy is around helping people and sharing my own personal experience and journey, for which I started to blog! It’s not for the faint hearted, but you may see excepts here:


Also shared is the story of how the board game came into being and the role played by ‘jollof rice’, (a Nigerian dish where rice is fried with tomatoes and garnished with spices.


I have had the occasion to speak at women’s events, encouraging participants to be bold and about developing innovative ideas for the future of youth education and wellbeing. I am also working with local charities to provide practical support for individuals trapped in violent and abusive relationships and situations. I have also enjoyed honouring invitations to the BBC and House of Commons.

Arinola talks DV
Arinola talks DV


Written by Dr Arinola Araba MBBS MSc

IAG, Money Mentor (National Skills Academy, Financial Services)

Director, bMoneywize®  Play It Save®

020 3288 2233 / | LinkedIn | Facebook | twitter | YouTube  | Fellow SSE



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