School Testimonial

School Testimonial
School Testimonial

It was exciting to receive a testimonial from a primary school in Greater London where the bMoneywize personal finance toolkit has been in use for two years, to year 5 and year 6 students. It reports the toolkit resulted in children engaging with Maths and learning the importance of understanding income and expenditure, first hand. See details of visit here.

“BeMoneyWize was introduced to our Y5/6 classes at Valence Primary by Arinola Araba approximately two years ago. We had received support from Arinola on how to use these games within the class.  Children then went on to train others as well.

We have seen an improvement in the pupils’ attitude and enjoyment when it comes to solving real life money problems.  As learning is closely linked to real life, children find it easier to relate to.

We would recommend the BeMoneyWize game to other primary schools as it is an excellent resource for children to learn, first-hand, about the importance of income and expenditure.  There are other resources out there but we found BeMoneyWize worked for us because of the support we received in making it work.  The children were visited by the Mayor of B&D as well as a Councillor to see the children engaging in Maths and the visitors were impressed by the level and engagement as well as the explanations that the pupils could provide.


We would like to thank Arinola for her continued support. ”


Yours Sincerely,


Cindy Bailey

Senior Deputy Headteacher


This is one of the reasons why the financial education project is so worthwhile.

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