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What People are Saying About  Bmoneywize

What our teachers, parents and children are saying

“Children’s financial management is very important and tackling the challenge faced by many to manage money successfully is critical for the borough’s young people getting the right skills to go forward in the future.”

Headteacher, Kerry Thomas

My 10 year old and (advanced) 7 year old rated it 9 and 9.5 out of 10 for informativeness and for fun respectively. I found it intuitive, Mike Pavitt LLB, FABRP


“I found the game really fun because it helps one with the handling of money and it shows how to solve realistic problems.”

I would highly recommend this game as a really useful resource for Years 7 and 8, in particular, both as a learning tool and as a stepping off point for additional financial awareness education.”
Other teachers

Children Speak

I found the game really fun because it helps one with the handling of money and it shows how to solve realistic problems.
Amraja, 11.

I enjoyed the game especially because doing workings was really fun
Ify, 11.

It uses real life scenarios to teach us about the consequences of neglecting a bill
Dimeji, age 11.

It’s helpful as it helps with Maths skills.
Charlie, 11.

It made me learn new things that our parents use money for and how to be wise with money. Domas, age 10.
Domas, age 10.

It teaches us the consequences of misusing money.
Edward, age 11.

I’ve learnt so many ways of saving money through this game. .
Rhian, 12

I found the game stressful yet fun to play with others. 
Sid, 12

It helps you learn from your mistakes. Zahra

The game is very  educational. 
Logan 11

“I have learnt how to think smart in this world”
Sahra, 15

“Its a nice game, encourages people to talk and interact and socialise with one another”
Faith, 16

“It is a good interactive game which makes us talk and apply a lot of maths”

Roseline, 16

“I played money wise for the first time and I found it very interesting and fun and can relate the questions to everyday life”
Moki, 16

“To think smart and to use money wisely”
Juanita, 16

Parent Testimonials

“Its a personal finance toolkit, in normal speak that kids can understand, its brilliant. I like the fact you set goal and it creates discussion about money, and makes people think… ” Vee (Old Mutual Wealth, Director)
Mum of 2, Vee

“I have enjoyed and will be happy to come again…”

”It is engaging and easy to use”
Dr Leah

Mum of Emily  said the game is mind provoking game
Sharon, parent

“Willow’s confidence and financial literacy have improved massively, to the point she has opened her first bank account and is now using a banking app to understand how and where she is spending her money, which allows her to save and invest in her future.” 
Tamsin, mum to Willow

“Much better than I expected, lots of fun + makes you think about your #budget + how you can save + #spend without going over budget. Would love to learn more + do a full session”

“Really enjoyed initial introduction made me think more about how best to use my money. Would like more sessions”
L. Taylor (parent)

“Learnt a lot, very good, hope you will come back again as I am looking into starting my own business, also learnt new terminology.. ”
Sharon (parent)

“My 10 year old and (advanced) 7 year old rated it 9 and 9.5 out of 10 for informativeness and for fun respectively. I found it intuitive,..”
Mike Pavitt LLB, FABRP, Parent

Adult Testimonials

It helps  you talk about your problems, interaction game, get people talking..

I wish I had these lessons when we were growing, it would have reduced the borrowing”
Efe, Parent

“We played monopoly like fun not looking at real life; should have been before monopoly”
Molly, parent

“good game, very interesting, teaches how to spend money, saving wisely, 
Hildrif, 44

“love it amazing, helps you think; stimulating”
Gifty, Parent

I”totally 100% agree with the game for all kids, should be from young not when they get  to 16! My daughter had no idea of anything until she started to purchase her own stuff… 
Audrey, parent

“great many things in other games are not relevant to life; something that builds skills and knowledge. Aim get hold of life and learn about the times we live in”

“the game provokes thinking! I enjoy board game because o fits interactions. I also like mathematical aspects of it”
Hildrif, 44

“very informative , although designed with young people in mind, It crosses that age boundary. as a 43 year old man, I never envisaged that I would enjoyed that much. however I was surprised as the game was able to educate me on the basic things about household expenditures. I wish I had that opportunity when growing up and learned h ow to manage my finances at an early age,. Nevertheless, we have bMoneywize to bridge that gap!!”
Mike, 43

Teacher / Decison Makers

“This game is just one way to provide financial literacy experience to boost and enrich young people with essential life skills using maths as part of the citizen curriculum.
Councillor Evelyn Carpenter,

“My youngest son said it was Awesome, interesting and something that all the family can enjoy. I think we take it for granted that our children will just naturally understand financial matters but parents and teachers should take a lead in helping young people make sound financial decisions. ..”
Darren Rodwell, Leader, Barking&D

 “Our pupils were engaged with the game and found it both educational and entertaining.  It is still a game in progress and our pupils provided some useful feedback and suggested some changes.”
Anna Moody, Maths teacher at Jo R said,

“They think they are playing but they are learning!”
Patricia Adom, Teacher

“Bmoneywize has donated a game to a disability-friendly primary school in Rwanda, “St Herve Center”. The feedback received has been overwhelmingly positive and we are currently discussing supporting the school with further games to enable the whole class of c.35 children to play it at the same time. The feedback from the school’s founder who has personally overseen the testing has been that the game has helped the children develop better sense of the value of savings, earnings, spending, as well as value of money overall. By doing so, the game has developed the childrens’ financial literacy. This has shown us that whilst the game was designed with U.K. market in mind, there is demand and interest from other countries.”

Polde, Associate Partner, Linklakers, Non Exec Director at bMoney Wize

About US

bMoneywize provides an innovative educational solution to teaching individuals financial, digital and numeracy skills in an increasingly “Cashless Society.”

We aim to become a world leader at equipping a younger generation with timely financial skills to enable them make debt-free choices in an increasingly cashless society!

We provide resources and services in form of interactive educational games and workshops respectively.

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