WIN £5,000 for your school

WIN £5,000 for your school with 2017 Personal Finance Teacher of the Year Competition

At Moneywise, we believe it’s never too soon for young people to learn about their finances, and that by mastering the basics early on in life, they will grow up to be the most financially savvy generation yet.

In fact, it’s so important to us that children are taught well about money that we have teamed up with Old Mutual Wealth to offer the UK school with the best personal finance teacher(s) £5,000 to spend on equipment. Two runners up will receive £1,500 each for their schools. Teachers at both primary and secondary level are eligible for the competition.

Are you a parent, pupil, school governor or teacher? Do you know someone who is teaching personal finance at school? Would you like to nominate someone for this award? We want to know how they make the teaching of personal finance fun, interactive and relevant.

Please email with your nominations, including the name of the teacher and the name and address of the school, plus your reasons for nominating them. The competition is open for nominations until the end of April.

Moneywise will then contact the nominated teachers and invite them to submit their three favourite personal finance lessons.

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