Who is teaching your child about money?

Your children can learn about money in simple everyday language with the bmoneywize game

Workshops for youths

Financial literacy workshops for young people are a fun affair

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Community workshops

Family based workshops for conversation and discussions in a in informal setting

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School workshops

Primary school workshops helps expose children to the world of how money works!

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Money game competition 

In partnership with the popular ethnic channel, BEN TV, bMoney Wize Ltd is pleased to offer a money competition as part of our Back to School campaign, for children aged 10 to 17 years.  Here are the rules: The competition – bMoney Wize Ltd would like entrants to write an essay about: Title:  What would

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NCS – The challenge teens visit 

We were excited to receive a group of 10 vibrant teens from the multiaward winnng National Citizens Service running the The Challenge.  #Maths and Financial literacy for kids was on the menu as the teens asked questions about the mission and long term visikn of bMoney Wize Ltd.  They were treated to a 10 minute

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Shaping financial futures, now! 

Our MissionTo improve financial literacy and numeracy skills for young people Our Vision To become a world leader at equipping a younger generation with timely financial skills to enable them make debt free choices! Find out more We would like children to fall in love with maths again. We want to share our multi award

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