How are your children learning about money?

Your children can learn about money in simple everyday language with the bmoneywize game

Community workshops

Financial literacy workshops for young people are a fun affair

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Youth workshops

Family based workshops for fun money conversation.

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School workshops

Primary school workshops introduce children to the world of how money works!

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wise woman award

Another award?

It was such an honour for me, Arinola, to be given an award for recognition of our contribution to impacting the community at the Wise Woman Awards on Saturday, March 10, 2018. Dr Arinola Araba It was a humbling night for me and I was amazed at the excellence of staff at reception desk, promotion

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Save your acorns

Show me the money, Mummy!

“We will not be buying shopping bags in this house,” I announced to the children in the wake of the 5p charge for plastic bags. This time my outburst was meant with understanding and agreement. That was not the case a few years ago. We would have argued about why just 5p a few times

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