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What we do

In an increasingly “Cashless Society,” bMoneywize offers innovative educational solutions to teach young people money management, financial literacy, digital and numeracy skills.
Interactive online courses, educational games, and workshops are examples of these solutions.
Our Mission: To improve young people’s financial literacy and numeracy skills while having fun! We offer relevant, timely, and user-friendly financial education courses for children and young adults.
Our Vision: To be a world leader in providing timely financial skills to a younger generation so that they can make debt-free decisions.
Our Values: We believe money management should be as simple as “child’s play” for everyone!

Teens play the bMoneywize board game

Teenager Money Education Course workbook

Quality Marked education course


 This resource has been quality marked and endorsed for use in schools.  The examiner had this to say:
“The Facilitators’ guide to the Teenage Money course is a clear and useful resource for teachers looking to get started with finance education. It provides lots of engaging activities that also support tutors and non-specialists with inspiration and guidance in leading young people through the maze of financial topics. The resource can be used to build a foundation for developing financial literacy and support the requirements for teaching financial and economic education in the National Curriculum for Citizenship.

ACT is pleased to endorse this publication.” – Kirsty White, Head of Learning Resources, ACT, December 2022.

bMoneywize Board Game

“A few bowls of rice lead to the creation of bMoneywize. The idea is that players have to keep and generate money wherever they can. They throw the dice to pick up cards from different categories. Each card throws up a different scenario from an unexpected tax rebate to the boiler breaking down. Players have to work out how to respond in order to protect their money – Monopoly of the real world if you like” -the BBC


Best New Product Award nomination at the Corporate Entrepreneur Awards 2015


“It’s a personal finance toolkit, in normal speak that kids can understand, it’s brilliant. I like the fact you set a goal and it creates discussion about money and makes people think,” Vee, Parent.

Impact After Our Programmes


Teachers that believe bMoneywize is more effective than traditional methods


People who say they are saving money after playing the game

Estimated reach from the board game sales and workshop attendance

Financial Education is our passion, Families our focus

Teenager Money

Vital school money lessons teenagers need before leaving school by Lisa. And graduates money.com for undergraduates!


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FREE Money Math App

Math Apps

We have created the MoneyMath to encourage and foster a love for youth maths! With Speed settings for children with learning needs.


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Digital literacy class

Digital Literacy

Help your grandmum and grandpas learn how to get online!  We have partnered with the @Good Things Foundation to use the @Learn  My Way training programme.


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Albert Forgets, Money stories for kids

 Money Stories

 See our new series of money stories about Albert! He learns about apples and money!
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About US

bMoneywize provides an innovative educational solution to teaching individuals financial, digital and numeracy skills in an increasingly “Cashless Society.”

We aim to become a world leader at equipping a younger generation with timely financial skills to enable them make debt-free choices in an increasingly cashless society!

We provide resources and services in form of interactive educational games and workshops respectively.

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