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How can we teach children to manage money in a fun, engaging and interactive way?

bMoneywize provides an innovative educational solution to teaching young people financial literacy and numeracy skills in an increasingly “Cashless Society.”

Our Mission: To improve financial literacy and numeracy skills for young people.

Our Vision: To become a world leader at equipping a younger generation with timely financial skills to enable them make debt-free choices choices in an increasingly cashless society! We provide resources and services in form of interactive educational games and workshops respectively.

Our Values: We believe money management should be as easy as "child's play" for everyone!

Hello! My name is Arinola Araba.  I am founder of bMoneywize, a fun loving, inventor, entrepreneur, and mum to three teenagers who enjoys working with young people. My previous education and experiences have involved the Health, Project Management, IT and Politics disciplines.

The idea to start this project hit me when my teenage daughter would bring her friends home to cook them ' Jollof rice' (an African delicacy), every day, when she came home from school but I was out of work...! Clearly I had to do something or two about teaching kids the VALUE of MONEY! We (Seun and our team) brought her and friends together to form a project group to develop a game concept that would answer the question above. What has followed the birth of the bMoneywize game ( also dubbed as Personal Finance Kit) has been a string of award nominations, BBC, ITV News, BEN TV interviews; and there's more to come...

Arinola and her daughter, Dammy were also featured in a BBC mental health documentary called "I blame my parents" that has received over 55,000 viewings on YouTube and more on the iplayer. 

The interview on ITV Lunch Time News credited bMoneywize -  board game,  as solution to teach kids money skills in an increasingly Cashless society. More:


Arinola Araba & kids
Arinola Araba & kids

I blame my parents -@BBC 3
I blame my parents -@BBC 3 aired on 20/01/19

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Komal Aslam

Komal Aslam is our session facilitator and has a background in business admin, customer service and helps run events, maths workshops and presenting to clients and investors at our event showcases.

Caroline Leo

Caroline Leo

Caroline Leo is the "Mrs Asia" contest award winner and our online marketer and promoter. She has an extensive background in Human Resources.

Dami Opara

Dammy is a radio co producer, blogger and writer,  a graduate with BA Hons Comparative Literature and a postgraduate degree in English and American Literature both from Kent University, UK. She provides advice to the Board on youth projects and runs our blogs and podcast series.

Passionately committed to teaching financial education in an innovative, fun, engaging an interactive way!


Vicoria Oni

Victoria Taiwo-Oni

Nigerian Project Manager: Temitope Taiwo-Oni brings over twelve years experience in the Nigerian Banking sector with expertise in Content Creation & Curation, Brand Strategy, Screenwriting and Financial Consulting for SMEs. She will be managing the gamification process in Nigeria.

Wumi Oyewole

Mrs Wumi Oyewole

Board Director: Wumi Oyewole is an author, aromatherapist (in training) and award winning beauty entrepreneur. With her extensive background in the public sector, Wumi brings with her a wealth of knowledge in local government especially in children services and in the health and wellbeing sector.

Dr Agatha B-Mararike

Director: Dr Agatha Benyera-Mararike is a author, researcher, university lecturer, consultant therapist, counsellor and entrepreneur who brings over 20 years of experience in education, planning to the mix!

Education expert

Shola Alabi

Adviser: Shola Alabi is a British trained Qualified Teacher BSc., PGCE of over 17years, Education Consultant, Parent Partner and Private Tutor owns two successful Education Tuition Centres in London and Essex.